Doing what is right for the environment 

We LOVE Guilford, the town green, the community, the shoreline, the history and all the amazing nature. We want to try and do our part to preserve the environment.

Palumbo’s is proud to share that we have many green practices in the shop as a way of conducting business and doing our part to help the environment.

The biggest thing we do that is rare in our industry is save the used engine oil and reuse it to heat the shop during winter. Typically an auto shop will just send used oil off to be disposed of, most of that is not recycled and is unproductive waste.

We use a system that takes used engine oil through a Clean Burn process turns it safely into usable energy which we use to heat the shop through the winter. So when your toasty warm in our shop in December, you know why.

Here is a picture of our awesome Clean Burn Machine!

As cool as that is, along with our Clean Burn Machine we also:

 • Recycling tires, batteries, scrap metal, waste oil, anti freeze & transmission fluid

• Reducing the amount of paper in the office. When the paper is used and discarded, it is done so in a recycling bin.

• Ability to work on hybrids and electric cars• Properly disposing of chemical waste

• Online bill paying

• Build services around maintenance, changing filters regularly and keeping cars tuned, which will assure low emissions.

We do all these things in an effort to preserve our environment, if you have any suggestions we have not thought of yet we would love to hear about it!